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DrawnCon is the premier convention for western animation. With great panels and amazing guests, come celebrate cartoons like never before!

Thank you to everyone who attended DrawnCon: Season 2 for another successful year!

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Venue & How To Get Here

All of DrawnCon goes down under one roof at the Westford Regency. Located in the heart of the Merrimack Valley, the Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center is conveniently located off of Interstate 495.

Westford Regency
219 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886
+1 (978) 692-8200

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Saturday, 11/15/14

Main Hall  
9:00-9:30-am Opening Ceremonies
9:30-10:00am Worst. Cartoons. Ever.
10:00-11:00am Voice Actors Panel
11:00am-12:00pm Inside the Mystery Shack: A Look at Gravity Falls
12:00-1:00pm East Meets West: International Cartoons and their Influences
1:00-2:00pm Cartoon Network Heavyweights
2:00-3:00pm Cartoons & Mythology
3:00-4:00pm Charity Auction
4:00-5:00pm Script Reading: The Open Casting Call
5:00-6:00pm Signal Crash Super Hour
6:00pm-8:00pm Masquerade
8:00-9:00pm Concert Setup
9:00-10:00pm DrawnConcert Strobe-Free Hour
10:00-1:00am DrawnConcert
Side Hall  
9:30-10:00am Butch Hartman Cartoons
10:00-11:00am Children's Story Hour
11:00am-12:00pm Cartoon Trivia
12:00-1:00pm From Grimm to Disney
1:00-2:00pm Toyetic: Available In Stores Now!
2:00-3:30pm Voice Acting Workshop
3:30-4:15pm Cosplay 101
4:15-5:15pm Cartoon Controversies
5:15-6:00pm Animation & Video Games
6:00-7:00pm Brilliant But Canceled
7:00-9:00pm Whose Fandom is it Anyways?
9:00-10:00pm Prime Time Cartoons
10:00-11:00pm My Little Alcoholics

Sunday, 11/16/14

Main Hall  
9:00-10:00am In Memoriam
10:00-11:00am Music of the Fandom
11:00am-12:00pm Q&A With Dante
12:00-12:30pm The Legend of Avatar: The Great Divide
12:30-1:30pm Women in Voice Acting
1:30-2:30pm The Popular Pony Panel
2:30-3:30pm Drawing Workshop
3:30-4:15pm Cartoon Hangover Appreciation
4:15-5:00pm Closing Ceremony
5:00-6:00pm Feedback
Side Hall  
9:00-10:00am It's a Barbie, Pony, Magical World: A Look at Girls Cartoons
10:00-11:00am A Brief History of Animation
11:00-11:45pm This Year in Animation
11:45am-12:30pm Cartoons To Look Out For
12:30-1:30pm We Are the Crystal Gems: A Look at Steven Universe
1:30-2:15pm Classic Cartoons
2:15-3:00pm The Animated Series
3:00-5:00pm Disney Karaoke Contest
5:00-6:00pm Open Karaoke


Jennifer Hale

Dark and determined Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, ever hopeful and shining Cinderella, psychotic Princess Morebucks and sunny Ms Keane from The Powerpuff Girls, sleek and sexy Naomi Hunter from the Metal Gear Series, superspy Sam and superspoiled Mandy from ‘Totally Spies’, and super fighter Aayla Secura from Star Wars Clone Wars all have one thing in common.

Their spirits and their voices spring from the heart of Jennifer Hale.

Jennifer has brought to life a wild range of characters from a disgruntled 12 year old boy, to a timeless heroic princess, a quirky ancient alien, a ridiculously perky tour guide, a rock star, a shy four year old and a sizzling super-bad girl. At the top of her field in animation, commercials, and promos, Jennifer is responsible for these and many more memorable characters as well as lending her signature voice to many products and programs familiar to all of us.

A singer as well as an actress, Jennifer is currently working on her first solo CD. When she’s not acting or singing, she’s hanging out with her friends and family, riding horses, rock climbing or volunteering.

Dante Basco

With a career spanning over two and a half decades, DANTE BASCO is a Hollywood actor who has become a cult classic and pioneering figure in Asian American cinema. He was first introduced in Steven Spielberg’s fairytale movie Hook, as “Rufio”, the leader of the Lost Boys. He quickly jumped to leading roles like Newline’s Take the Lead, opposite Antonio Banderas, and The Debut, which became the voice of a Filipino American generation. 20th Century Fox executives were so mesmerized by the uniqueness of Dante’s look and ability that they gave him a development deal for his own series and he starred in a pilot for Touchstone/ABC, The Chang Family Saves the World, written and produced by John Ridley and directed by Paris Barclay. Ever versatile, he’s “Jake Long” in Disney’s animated series American Dragon: Jake Long as well as “Prince Zuko” in Nickelodeon’s phenomenal hit, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Noah Scammon

Noah Scammon works full time as a Cartoon Voice Actor, Writer/Director and Animator, with over 10+ years in the industry working on video games, cartoons and live action film productions. He has worked for many diverse studios like cartoon network/adult swim, CBS, NBC, and many game production studios as well. Some recent game titles for voices include Dust: an Elysian tail, Super Combo Man, Apotheon, and Mega Coin Squad. Noah's ongoing work in his many fields continues to this day. Working on Writing/Directing and Voicing for new upcoming cartoon pilots, and two new series to be released soon (stay tuned!), as well as his online projects like "lefthandedsock" and "de faceman show", and collaborations with other teams such as "Sleepy Cabin" and "Signal Crash" are still continuing and going strong

Bryan Nieman

Bryan Nieman is a Film Reviewer, Comic Historian, and overall Gaming Analyst. His passion for his favorite forms of media continue on alongside his line of work as an computer engineer. He has always appreciated the finer things in the things he enjoys, and strives and appreciates the new advancements in the industry. In his love for media, he Co-founded and Co-Stars on the live web show "SignalCrash" alongside Noah Scammon. Every week they discuss the industry as a whole, their experience with it, upcoming news, and overall just enjoying talking about what they love. Bryan's drive for source material as well as his vast knowledge can be experienced first hand on The SignalCrash live show, Every Friday night at 10pm (set) on


Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock’s unique brand of indie nerd raps has amassed him an Internet following that has stretched to every realm of fandom, ranging from comic books, TV, movies, video games, and more. His pop cultural-based songs have been featured in TIME, the New York Times, SPIN; sites such as The AVClub, WIRED, NYMag’s Vulture, io9; and have garnered attention from cultural celebrities such as Nathan Fillion, Edgar Wright, Dan Stevens of Downtown Abbey, and Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman. Having released three full-length albums and a veteran of multiple national tours, his music and stage presence has electrified crowds at Comic Cons, SXSW, university shows, and events across the country. With over a million views on Youtube, and an army of followers online, his live show continues to storm venues as he brings his brand of nerdy hip hop to the public. In the words of so many bloggers, journalists and fans, “it’s not just Internet good, it is goddamn brilliant.”

Gene Shinozaki

Gene Shinozaki is a talented musician, performer, and beatboxer. He is a local star residing in Boston, but he's found success throughout New England with his band DC Wonder, as well as national success performing on So You Think You Can Dance. You can catch his performances on the street or exclusively at DrawnCon: Season 2!

Go Yama

Go Yama is a guitarist and producer who has found success around the world. He has had releases with labels such as Darker than Wax, Paxico, and Collective Resonance. He recently completed a tour in Japan, but is now coming to perform at this year's DrawnConcert!

Exploding Heart Technique

EHT is a Dum and Bass producer from Southern New Hampshire. She has been making music for the past four years, and started releasing music for the Brony community in November of last year. Drawing inspiration from the show, her past experience, her friends, and nature, her trademark sound can be described as "melodic, smooth and hard hitting." One thing's for sure, this young redhead's show will certainly not be a thing to miss! Find her online at SoundCloud, Twitter, and Youtube.

DJ Calcos

Hailing from southern Maine, DJ Calcos is a DJ that builds his sets around the best Psytrance that your ears will ever hear. His sets, however, are typically comprised of several genres including Dubstep and Trance which ensures a unique experience throughout the session! He is also unofficially partnered with CMNDR Hurricaine. Find him online at Tumblr, Twitter, and SoundCloud.