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DrawnCon is the premier convention for western animation. With great panels and amazing guests, come celebrate cartoons like never before!

We're thrilled to announce DrawnCon: Season 3 at Northeastern University, April 30 and May 1, 2016! Come back soon to check out all the amazing guest stars and content we'll have this year, and don't forget to pre-register!

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Venue & How To Get Here

DrawnCon Season 3 will be produced at Northeastern University's Curry Student Center, in conjunction with the NEU Art & Animation department. Located in the heart of Boston, it's easy access from the Ruggles stop on the Orange line, or from the Northeastern University stop on the green line!

Directions »


DrawnCon wants your help this year! If you have a great idea for a panel or a workshop, send it over, and we might just pick your idea to be presented to a live studio audience.


We've had amazing guest stars in the past two seasons, and this one will be no exception. Keep checking back here for news and updates. Our past guests have included Jennifer Hale, Dante Basco, Jessica DiCicco, Bob Flynn, Signal Crash, and more!


Make fanart? Plushies? Trinkets? Jewelry? Something else that's cartoon related? If you want to sell it at DrawnCon, come back soon to apply for the DrawnCon Vendor Hall!